LeptiSlim™ and Leptinal™: Breakthrough Formulas for Improved Thyroid and Leptin Function!

(PRWEB) February 11, 2004

The much anticipated nutritional formulations to improve leptin communication with the brain and promote healthy weight loss have been released by cutting-edge nutrition company, Wellness Resources. LeptiSlim™ and Leptinal™ The Leptin Helper™ were formulated by Byron Richards, CCN, nationally acclaimed Clinical Nutritionist and author of Mastering Leptin. An expert in the area of leptin and it’s relation to weight and other health issues, Richards has combined superior nutrients that have proven to synergistically improve leptin function, improve thyroid function, and promote healthy weight loss.

LeptiSlim™ overcomes “hibernation metabolism,” the real reason individuals gain weight easily or can’t lose weight even when eating a moderate amount of food. New science proves that individuals stuck in hibernation metabolism and perpetual low-thyroid symptoms have serious problems with the hormone leptin. In essence, the hormone is not getting into the brain correctly, causing a person to overeat, crave sugar/carbohydrates, and/or not lose weight even on a moderate amount of calories. LeptiSlim™ cuts carbohydrate and sugar cravings, enhances insulin action, and improves leptin entry into the brain. It helps any person eat less and burn stored fat more efficiently. It is vital to any person who can’t lose weight, easily gains weight, has a history of yo-yo dieting, and is frustrated by an ongoing collection of low thyroid symptoms.

Leptinal™ The Leptin Helper™ is a weight loss super-booster designed to shrink fat cells and stop fat from blocking thyroid function. New scientific breakthroughs, as explained in the groundbreaking book Mastering Leptin, show that stress coming from fat cells actually turns off thyroid function as a prime cause of hypothyroidism.

Richards explains “Leptinal™ is the first product specifically designed to turn off the inflammation actually coming out of fat cells. It is now known that 30% of cells in white adipose tissue (stored fat) are immune cells that, in overweight people, are generating inflammatory messages that turn off the thyroid gland. This poses a serious metabolic catch 22, wherein the more pounds of fat a person has the less able they are to metabolize it. Leptinal™, in combination with the Five Rules for eating explained in the book Mastering Leptin, shrinks fat cells and turns off the inflammatory signals coming out of the fat cells. Consider this a therapeutic level of “stress management” for fat cells. By removing the stress coming from fat cells, thyroid hormone function is significantly improved.”

For more about leptin and to take the leptin quiz, visit: http://www.wellnessresources.com/protocols/leptin.htm

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Fat Burning Breakthroughs: The Leptin Hormone Link

(PRWEB) July 22, 2004

New attention being paid to the obesity epidemic by the government, medical doctors, Medicare, and the news media has yielded little in terms of original thought. The American Dietetic Association (ADA) has republished the same portion control ideas they have been espousing during the entire time the obesity epidemic has been growing and worsening in our country. The ADA routinely criticizes all other diets as “quick fix fads.” Consumers looking for answers are perplexed; help is finally here.

Answers to the obesity epidemic are emerging from the over 300 scientific studies published each month on the subject of fat cells and how they are controlled by hormones such as insulin and leptin, and genes. This key information remains a complex mystery to the majority of the general public.

However, two predominant times when fat burning can occur are emerging from this literature. Individuals who understand this science can take advantage of it and begin losing 1-3 pounds a week in a healthy way. One principle has to do with the timing of eating, the other with the timing of exercise.

The prime fat burning time for weight loss in relation to the diet is during sleep. This only works well when a person does not eat after dinner. It works best when a person does not snack at all during the day, getting a moderate number of calories in either two or three meals a day. Snacking on any amount of calories becomes a large problem, as the snack raises insulin and consequently leptin at the wrong time of the day, in essence shutting off fat burning hormone and gene signals. The new science is showing that when a person eats is as important as what they eat.

The prime fat burning exercise for weight loss is mild aerobic activity, lasting at least one hour and ideally for one and a half hours. Heart rate and intensity are of secondary importance. Feeling refreshed when done is vital. To access fat burning mode, either exercise first thing in the morning before eating food or several hours after eating. Once done exercising one should not eat until hungry. If a person feels good energy and is not hungry they may burn a half pound of actual fat over the next hour. Eating anything will stop that process from occurring. On the other hand, as soon as a person is hungry after exercise they should eat. Fat burning is not occurring when energy is declining and a person is getting hungry. This approach takes advantage of the recently discovered uncoupling proteins in muscle, which when properly activated by the hormone leptin can 100% dispose of calories as heat.

The science behind these easy-to-follow fat burning breakthroughs is fully explained in the second edition of “Mastering Leptin”, by Byron J. Richards, CCN, making it possible for individuals to understand how hormones work in the body and why the “5 Rules of Healthy Eating” are imperative for balancing the hormones needed to attain and maintain a healthy weight.


The Leptin Diet™ Solves the Weight Loss Dilemma

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) April 26, 2004

THE LEPTIN DIET™, as developed by Leptin expert and author of Mastering Leptin, Byron Richards, is the most accurate nutritional plan for weight loss and disease prevention on the market.

Richards details the diet along with his FIVE RULES TO HEALTHY LIVING™ in his book, Mastering Leptin, published first in February 2003. A second edition will be available May 11th. Richards is the premier Leptin Expert, and has 20 years of experience in the nutritional field.


Do you have trouble losing weight, no matter hard you try? Do you have uncontrollable sugar and food cravings, stress eating habits, low-thyroid symptoms, sluggish energy, and/or excess abdominal fat?

These are all key signs of Leptin resistance, a serious crisis in which the brain does not detect the correct level of Leptin properly and therefore is blind to how much fat you have in storage.

You cannot lose weight healthily or keep it off by starvation, yo-yo or trend dieting. You must gain control of your body and Leptin balance in order to shed the pounds, maintain a healthy weight and experience a vigorous, healthy lifestyle!


THE LEPTIN DIET™ is a crucial program to get the hormone Leptin functioning properly in your body so permanent weight loss is possible. The solutions we provide are backed by the latest Leptin research and thousands of scientific studies. Leptin resistance is a health issue that can be fixed, and in doing so, you’ll be able to lose weight and keep it off!

While the Leptin Control Pack™ and supplements will aid in balancing Leptin, THE LEPTIN DIET™ as a whole will achieve premium weight loss and health results. THE LEPTIN DIET™, as detailed in Mastering Leptin, includes information on exercise and nutrition, as well as outlining the FIVE RULES TO HEALTHY LIVING™.


The combination of the superior weight loss formulas in the Leptin Control Pack provides the ultimate nutritional support for enhanced thyroid and Leptin function. The four all-natural formulas in the Leptin Control pack have their own special functions, while working together to optimize healthy weight loss.


Following the FIVE RULES TO HEALTHY LIVING in Mastering Leptin will significantly ease the weight loss process. Mastering Leptin details exactly why and how these rules work and how Leptin plays an essential role in weight loss and disease prevention. There is not a more comprehensive, scientifically-backed plan to lose weight and prevent disease than THE LEPTIN DIET™.

To schedule an interview with Byron, please contact:

Jennifer Whigham

Wellness Resources


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Diet Plan Increases Activity of Leptin, the Hormone Responsible for Weight Loss

New York, New York (PRWEB) January 12, 2006 ?

Dr. Leo Galland has created a diet plan bringing together the latest university research into how leptin can help change bodies with a bountiful menu that changes lives. “The Fat Resistance Diet?: Unlock the Secret of the Hormone Leptin to Eliminate Cravings, Supercharge Your Metabolism, Fight Inflammation; Lose Weight & Reprogram Your Body to Stay Thin” is a weight loss program combining tasty food with the cutting-edge science of leptin, a naturally-occurring hormone.

Dr. Leo Galland, a New York City internist internationally known for his work in nutritional medicine, has designed a diet plan to combat leptin resistance. The Fat Resistance Diet? is the first diet plan that uses inflammation-fighting superfoods to reverse leptin resistance, allowing rapid and permanent weight loss without drugs, calorie counting or extreme dietary restrictions.

Leptin, a hormone produced by fat cells themselves, is essential for a successful weight loss program. Recent highly publicized research at Columbia University and the University of Texas demonstrates the importance of leptin to a weight loss program. Leptin suppresses appetites and speeds up metabolism. Overweight people suffer from leptin resistance, a condition in which the leptin produced by their fat cells does not work properly. Without the full benefit of leptin, they cannot achieve or maintain a lean body weight.

Dr. Galland emphasizes that chronic inflammation is a common cause of leptin resistance. His theory derives from research at Harvard University indicating that chronic inflammation and leptin resistance go hand in hand.

Columbia University researchers found that leptin prevents the rebound weight gain most people experience after think they’re finished with their diet plan. Texas experiments showed that overfed animals could only become obese if their fat cells became resistant to the effects of leptin. If leptin resistance could be prevented, no amount of overfeeding would make the animals fat.

By reversing the nutritional causes of chronic inflammation and supplying nutrients that enhance the effectiveness of leptin, The Fat Resistance Diet? is the first diet plan to utilize this cutting edge research on the hormonal basis of a weight loss program. This plan helps people lose weight and stay thin without counting calories. Sample recipes and scientific references may be found at http://www.fatresistancediet.com.

The Fat Resistance Diet? speeds up the metabolism and suppresses the appetite of overweight people by enhancing the effectiveness of leptin produced by fat cells. The diet plan is rich in omega-3 fats, fiber and phytonutrients derived from colorful and sweet fruits, crunchy nuts and seeds, piquant spices and tasty seafood.. The Fat Resistance Diet? is a unique weight loss program in that its recipes and menus are designed for the express purpose of maximizing the effect of leptin. Because foods with the greatest ability to enhance leptin are also foods with great flavors, The Fat Resistance Diet? comes with 100 recipes for delicious meals that are easy to prepare and six weeks of meal plans.

The Fat Resistance Diet: Unlock the Secret of the Hormone Leptin to Eliminate Cravings, Supercharge Your Metabolism, Fight Inflammation, Lose Weight & Reprogram Your Body to Stay Thin

by Leo Galland, M.D.

Broadway Books, January 2006

ISBN 0-7679-2052-X, 368 pages, hardcover, $ 23.95

9.4 x 6.6 x 1.1 inches.


Interview Contact:

Laura Pillar, Broadway Books

Telephone: (212) 782-9793

Source: Renaissance Workshops Ltd.

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Fat Cells in Control – The Leptin Hormone Link

(PRWEB) August 21, 2004

In light of the widely acknowledged obesity epidemic facing America, major media has attempted to cover the story and provide insight into possible solutions for this problem. So far they have simply documented that fat cells are winning, people are confused, and America is becoming super-sized. Advertisers and sellers of junk food are not confused; they know exactly how to get humans addicted to food and twist fat cells to force humans to spend money at their establishments, even though people know it isn’t good for them.

June 2-4, 2004 TIME magazine and ABC News sponsored a national Obesity Summit. Additionally, TIME dedicated their cover story to the obesity issue. Even though their reporters had spent months collecting information from different sources, the article written as their feature story contained almost no useful information that would help someone solve being overweight. It did not even begin to scratch the surface of the meaning of readily available recent scientific discoveries. All it did was point out that our evolving genetics are not prepared for eating all the time and sitting on a couch. Not exactly an earth shaking revelation.

On August 27th NEWSWEEK jumped into the obesity article frenzy, offering a much more informative article outlining the discovery of leptin and how it is involved in obesity. The article concludes by quoting a researcher as saying the best way to lose weight is to not fight the basic biology of the fat cell. This I agree with 100%. The problem with the article is that it did not give one tip on actually how to do this. Instead the article lamented on the fact that eating less and exercising more isn’t going to make it as the only solution to this problem, as well as the fact that no drugs to date actually solve the leptin issue (and none are likely in the foreseeable future). Even though these authors were apparently interviewing a variety of obesity researchers, they were unable to come up with any specific helpful tip about how to use this information to lose weight.

As a long-time practicing Clinical Nutritionist, lecturer, researcher and author, I am the leading expert in the country in terms of providing dietary guidelines to overcome problems with leptin. I have worked hands on with thousands of individuals to resolve this issue. There are solutions currently available that will work for the great majority who implement them.

In December of 2002, after several years of intensive research, I published the necessary dietary guidelines to not upset the basic biology of the fat cell. The book, Mastering Leptin, was the first writing to distill over 5000 scientific studies on the subject into meaningful and simple dietary guidelines. The Second Edition of Mastering Leptin has now been released, catching up on the 3000 leptin studies released in the last year and a half, fine tuning the diet principles, and explaining the breakthroughs on cardiovascular health that can revolutionize the prevention and treatment of heart-related issues.

Leptin issues go far beyond the obesity issue. Leptin problems are now documented as the number one cause of heart disease, for a variety of reasons. Several weeks ago, for the first time documented in rats, the ability to synthesize leptin and to receive leptin messages was documented for muscle cells that comprise the very structure of the heart! This information is of overwhelming significance to both obesity and heart disease.

Leptin is the energy broker in the human body. The heart is an energy intense organ, never getting a chance to take a break. The heart needs to have a good way to keep energy production going, even if overall energy levels are declining. Is it any wonder heart cells can make their own leptin? Is it any wonder heart cells receive leptin messages to help gauge the energy needs of the body? We are on the edge of the most exciting scientific breakthroughs ever.

There are five simple dietary guidelines for mastering/balancing the hormone leptin in the body as explained in my book. These simple rules are backed by overwhelming science. People must learn to follow them or they will be at odds with the basic biology of fat cells. All the scientific evidence is fully explained in Mastering Leptin and has been available to the public since December of 2002.

Our Surgeon General is now calling fat “the enemy within” and more dangerous than a terrorist threat. Not only is the general public confused, those writing about the issue are also in the dark. There is no need for general public ignorance.

The first thing to know about fat cells is that they are not a blob of inert fuel sitting in storage. They are smart – very smart. If humans are going to be smarter than fat cells they need to understand the operational guidelines fat cells use. This is why I spent several years of my life writing the manual – it is there to read for anyone who is interested. Mastering Leptin is the first writing to explain the meaning of over 8,000 studies on the hormone leptin, translating highly complex science into simple English and distilling the information into very simple eating guidelines that almost anyone can follow.

This article can also be viewed at: http://www.wellnessresources.com/masteringleptin.htm

For interview with Byron Richards, contact Wellness Resources at: 800-717-9355

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